Saturday, December 18, 2010

(December 2010) Looking back at the summer of 2010

 Hi , and welcome to Cascade Outfitters! It's December 2010, and I am just starting this site. This will be a Fly Fishing and a Real estate site for the area's of Wolf Creek Montana to Ulm Montana and the Missouri river . I will be having photos of New listings of Riverfront properties, and homes and land in and around the Missouri River Montana.... Hope you enjoy.
This past summer of 2010 , we had some of the largest trout caught in the history of this section of the Blue Ribbon Missouri River. There were more trout caught over 20 inch's than I can remember and I started fishing here in in the early 1980's! Here are some examples of what I talking about Below..........

This was a really beautiful "hen " brown that was 24's in length...

                               It was a very heavy fish, with a tremendous girth, perfect condition!
It was an unusal season, first starting out with very low water in the Spring. In the months of Febuary, and March , all indications were that we were going to have a " low water" year. Then, April and May both were quite wet , with a tremendous amount of snow, and later with rain. By June most of the rivers all around the State were bank to bank full!..More later....
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