Saturday, December 18, 2010

December, summary of the Trilogy

I wrote this story as I remembered how that day , started and  finished , no exaggerations on fish numbers or sizes. My wife at the time ( Magdalena), was a good sport about allowing me to fulfill, and complete a fantasy day fishing . I was very glad she came when she did, for one ,to be able to share at least the climatic finish to an absolutely unbelievable fishing day. And second, for helping with the taking of the photos, I'm sure  it would have been a very disappointing , on the wet shore , laying on it's side , flopping around with no real scale for size , photo of the best Rainbow trout I've ever landed. For that, Thank you Magda!
Just so you know, even on this river, I have never seen the fishing as good as it was that day. All the Planets and Stars where in perfect alignment, the weather , water level, time of the year, and the run of fish , all happened on the same day. I did try and repeat that day , over and over , fishing as hard as possible. I went out the next day, and everyday for the remainder of the week. I had very nice fishing , and did catch some good trout. But, pale in comparison to this day.
later that year, or maybe the following year , Ted Turner purchased the La Primavara , the ranch that boarded the other side of the  river. Since then, the fishing has never been the same on the World Class Rio Traful, that story is for another day...
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