Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pheasants, dogs, and end of the season.

                                        ( The King )
It is fast approaching , the end of the Bird hunting season, always a time to reflect. This was a great season, despite the bird #'s being off in some areas. Last April, we had a huge snow storm come through Montana,  dumping in some parts upwards to 3-4 feet of the white stuff. It seems like the Spring snow storms do not effect the Sharptail Grouse as much as Pheasants , or the Hungarian Partridge, both seem to have a much tougher time of it, when the winter storms arrive in Spring. One of the reasons for this , is the fact the the Sharpies, tend to spend alot of time in trees when there is snow around, not wanting to deal with soft , difficult snow. Pheasants too will be tree dwellers at times, but the Sharptail is very comfortable, even perching very high in large trees.
One of the places I hunt Upland birds, has 2-3 covies of "Huns", a good population of Pheasants, not great , but good, and quite a few Sharpies. The other day , I was driving by the property and saw around 30-40 Sharptails, all sitting in trees , in an area of about 3 acres. It was very cold, around 2*, sunny, and the ground was covered with around two feet of snow. The snow was soft on top , so it was easy to sink through and it made walking very uncomfortable. My black Lab "Pearl" was even having a time getting around, and the crusty snow under the soft was cutting her "shins".
I have not been out in a couple of weeks, allowing her cuts to heel , despite her protest of barking, and jumping around every morning , trying to convince me other wise.Tomorrow, we are going to see how it goes, she is not happy staying at home , and, feels a need to run, and , I have a need to walk!
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