Friday, December 10, 2010

Sept- Oct { Missouri River Montana }

As the dry fly action turned pretty difficult some days during September, other days were great. The good news during this period was the fact that most days you could always get some really nice big trout on hoppers, maybe not numbers, but , quality fish that would make any angler proud ( see above). The amazing part of this time of the year, is that most guides go up to the Dam and do " row arounds", sometimes all day long, nymphing the same water over and over ( yawn). This year, the Canyon was empty, the fishing was really good, and not having other guide boats around was a bonus. The weather was warm, dry, and very pleasant,  extremely comfortable fishing days. Hopper-dropper was the winning combo, and this stayed true all through Oct.and even into the first ten days of November, until the weather changed , and it became winter! But in Oct. the afternoons were full of rising trout, and nice pods of trout eating Baetis , and Midges. My other combo that was a top choice was the parachute (pink top) Adams ( #14) with a baetis cripple dropper in a # 18, or, a midge cluster dropper. ( see ) { Fly selections}
This time of the year (late Fall), is great for those who enjoy to "do it all", fishing dry's, shallow nymphs, big attractor dry flys, or, streamers, it all works, take your choice! I do not have many clients that like to throw streamers, but, for those who do, it can be a blast, and very rewarding ( see below)
This beautiful brown chased and pounced on a # 4 yuk bug, always a good late fall fly for huge browns.
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