Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fly Design, Pretty VS Pratical

I see many different fly tyers displaying flies they use , design, and develop on the new media, Facebook, Blogs, and websites. It is one of the benefits this new "over saturation of information "we are drowned with on a daily basis provides. Much more rewarding to read about the thought process that one travels toward developing  a Fly, than say  many "Tweets", for example, " I just parked outside a Win Dixie, and I'm going in to buy a Coke", now for some people that might be very interesting, much like watching paint dry. Personally, I don't get most tweets, I don't tweet, nor do I care to tweet. I'm still old school, I text...
I have to say it is interesting to see with all the new fly tying materials , the new fly patterns that have been developed in the past few years. Fly fishing as an industry has really expanded, one no longer has to buy flies from the local tackle shop, there are "on-line" stores with all fly fisherman needs. Weather your looking for a special hand crafted piece of art, that is so precious that you put these in a "shadow box " to display for generation to enjoy. Or, the buy by the dozen , "we are the cheapest on the planet" sites, that require one to buy quanity, not so much on the quality side of life, there is now, something for everyone.
One of the "comments" I will make when seeing trout flies , more specific, Dry Flys for trout, is how important it is to make the fly visible. Most blogs sites or Facebook have a box for comments, usually this is one aspect of fly design that is sometime lacking. I have been guiding for over 24 years, it is just ingrained in my DNA when I see a Dry Fly it must do two things, 1) It must be Visual, easy to see. 2) It has to float, longer, higher , the better. Emergers can be tied behind a good dry fly, but, again the dry fly must be visable to be able to detect the strike on the emerger.(See fly box above in photo)
In the photo above is one of nine fly boxes I carry in my vest. The flys that are easy to see are the White winged , Red winged , and Green and Yellow winged flies. The darker flies are emergers , and cripples, both Mayflies and Caddis which I can tie behind the bright colored dry flys and fish the "two fly " rig with excellent results.
So, if your reading this and you like to tie your own dry flies , keep this in mind, will it float great, and will I be able to really see the fly. If you tie a fly that looks really "pretty", but, it doesn't float well , nor is it easy to see , is it "Practical"?
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  1. Personally, I don't get most tweets, I don't tweet, nor do I care to tweet. I'm still old school, I text...That is real funny shit there!