Saturday, January 15, 2011

Prospecting for Trout , Tactics ( Part 3 )

(Rock Creek , Montana )
 Missoula Montana was a wonderful place to be back in the late 1970's, it was a small town , about half the size it is today. It has always been a friendly town, you might meet someone in the line at the super market, or at the gas station filling up. Very different than other towns in Montana, where most people keep to themselves, Missoula, is like an island, in a sea of conservatism.
Fishing in and around the Zoo town was a fabulous place to learn all that trout fishing has to offer. Sharing with friends , fishing stories and fly patterns , exploring new sections of the big rivers, and finding new secret creeks. How things have changed, for example ,when you are first attempting to gain knowledge about simple equations in regards to equipment , today, we can simply go "on line" and google"'Fly fishing reels", you will have more information than one would ever hope , or want , or need. Today we live in a world of "easy information", the kids of today do not hear their parents say, "go look it up in the Dictionary", today , kids hear " google it ", don't ask, " use your phone"...Things have progressed rapidly in the past 20 years, back then, there was no Internet, nor DVD"S or Blue Ray, a phone was something attached to your house, or a "booth" on the street. If you wanted to learn about "how to" do anything, you bought a book. That is how I learned about Fly fishing in the early years, from reading about other peoples experiences. I was given as a Christmas present when I was very young, Ray Bergman's "Trout", it was a book that influenced me very deeply.  It was the first fishing book that I was introduced, it illustrated in my mind the principals of fly fishing. It explained in intricate detail , what food trout eat, where trout feed, where they rest ,and techniques to catch trout and of course drawings of the many different flies used for fishing, the book  made it as far as Missoula , and was lost in the many moves there after.
Another book that  brought my casting to another level , was Lefty Kreh's "Casting", I read and re-read this book until it made perfect sense, I still use the principals from that book today when I teach fly casting to clients , beginners to advanced fishermen. I had the pleasure of guiding and getting to spend time with Lefty Kreh , fourteen years later in Patagonia Argentina. Like for many , I was over whelmed , not only with the talent of his mastery with a fly rod, in which is on a "different level" from anybody you might think is a good caster, simply put, unimaginable. I'll never forget Lefty saying, " Most fishing guides are not very good casters", he said, "  most fishing guides cannot even cast a fly line, and that is only 90 feet". After saying that, Lefty took the entire fly line , put it out straight on the grass, in front of the perfectly manicured Argentine fishing lodge , there were around 30 people present, guest, guides, the owners, and some staff members.Using  just the" tip "of a four piece "Sage" ( he was a Sage Rep at the time), with only one "false cast", not only, shot the entire fly line , but made a perfect loop and a great presentation. From the side of his mouth he said, " I use to do the same demonstration  using just my hand, but that doesn't help sell fly rods, now does it?'
Lefty Kreh, is in my opinion, the pinnacle of Fly fishing, writer, photographer, lecturer, instructor, and  Fishermen, all wrapped in warm, humorist, down to earth style, with absolutely no ego. He is talented beyond fair description , he is willing to share information with all , and lives to do so, in the Fly fishing world , he is a walking wealth of knowledge. I sing such a high praise for Mr Kreh  not only because of his talent , but, in a profession that full of  ego's, attitudes, and  arrogance , the man who is the diplomat, representative , spokes person for our sport could not be more of a gentleman , and a scholar. Lefty sets the "bar high" for all involved in the sport of Fly fishing.
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