Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Driving on the other side ( PART 1) Fiction

Billy Bender sat in aisle seat 3 A, he was curled like a kitten, shoes somewhere below his seat. He was facing the window, drooling on his pillow as he snored, and respired unrythmicly every 25-35 seconds. A flash of light pierced the memory of the weary-eyed traveler, for in 3 B, the young, sharp featured; well groomed, strawberry blonde had just raised the blind. It was sunrise some where over the Pacific, Billy just awoke to realize the tingling pain he felt in his legs, and the throbbing in the front of his brain were due partly because he was on a flight to New Zealand. The other reason, he quickly concluded, was from the tiny bottles, with pictures of Beefeater's from England, they sounded like chimes as they rolled off of his lap and fell somewhere below him near his shoes.
Billy, with hands raised toward the ceiling, stretched out as well as one can in the confines of the long narrow seats." My god, what I'd pay for a real bed right now", exclaimed Bender. The Strawberry blonde turned to Billy and said, “you had quite a sleep, you were out for a good three hours". As Billy turned, he was thinking of a reply, then it hit him, my sleep apnea, I must have kept this gorgeous women up all night, and my hair, I must look like death; Bender was not use to looking anything less than GQ. He felt ashamed as he glanced toward the tall, wavy haired beauty. She was in her early twenty's, thin, but shapely, he saw her when she first sat, minimum of 5 ft. 10, perhaps even taller, and an absolute "knockout".
"Ann Hunter" she said, " I'm not sure you remembered", Bender turned to the young beauty and replied, " yes, I do, your from Christchurch, correct", She flashed her bright whites, outlined in freshly applied red crimson, " why, yes, you do remember, I'm surprised, you were hitting the sauce pretty hard last night". Bender sighed, “yes I did, and you are returning from a reading in Hollywood for a part in a film being made in your home country, correct?" Ann was nothing less than charming, she smiled even larger, her eyes sparkled and she said,
“That’s right, and I did get the part, I'll be the Princess in a major movie, the "Lord of the Rings". "Ah, Very nice, now I remember, “Bender replied, “It’s all coming back to me". Ann was facing Billy with her sharp chin resting on the back of her hand, her piercing green eyes staring right into his red white and blue, road map of Ohio like eyes, and said, " and you,  are William H. Bender, hailing from the "electric city” of Great Falls Montana",  she slightly laughed as she finished. Bender, flashed for a second, to see the name inscribed on his door, at D.A. Davidson, he then remembered, why in fact he was taking the long journey to the end of the world. It was November 24th, the year was 2008, the world’s economy was in utter, complete, despair, the worst economic disaster since the great depression, and Billy Bender wanted to vanish.

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