Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Driving on the other side ( PART 3 )

Upon his arrival at the Auckland International Airport, Billy had just one thought, to get a room, and sleep for two days straight, he was "knackered". As he was waiting for his bag to show on the long conveyor belt with the rest of the planes occupants, standing, and waiting as well, Bender noticed a small entourage of men with long black coats and dark glasses escorting Ann Hunter out on to the tarmac. Ann was helped on to a “King Air”, that had its engines running and were ready for flight. In less than two hours, Ann would be landing at her family's farm, she would be home. Benders journey was about to begin, once he obtained his bags and went through customs he hailed a cab. A female that was close to 50, asked Bender where he wanted to go. Billy had never seen a female cabby, he was taken back, "well, how about a hotel downtown, clean and quiet, I really need to sleep," said Bender. The female cabby roared off, within seconds the cab was in the middle of morning traffic. Bender had both hands in a death grip holding on to the seat below him; it was the worst E-ticket ride of his life. A female driving on the wrong side of the road was too much after such a long 14 hour flight, Bender was hysterical.
The cabby saw the fear in Billy's eyes from the rear view mirror, "first time to New Zealand mate?" she asked,  Billy told her that indeed it was, The cabby said, " you'll get use to it, driving on the other side, " And he would get use to it, just not this morning, he was relieved to finally get to the hotel. He grabbed his bag and paid the women, then gave her a "ten" US, The female cabby looked upset, "no, you will have to learn, we don't tip cabs here in this country, mate, there is alot your going to learn down here ", she said sternly.
Bender showered, to finally get the travelling dirt off his hairy, athletic physique; he then crawled into the full length king sized bed, and slept for 12 hours straight. When Billy finally did awake it was close to 9:00 pm, he needed a drink, and wanted a good New Zealand Seafood dinner. He inquired at the desk where a good place for both would be within walking distance of the hotel.  The night clerk told him to simply walk down hill toward the docks, there were around ten-twelve great places to eat, and drink. Bender needed to stretch his legs after being so cramped on the plane for 14 hours straight. On his way downtown, he stopped at a music store that had a huge window. In it, there was a replica of "Fleetwood Mac” on stage, and all around the window there where CD's of all their music. Billy finally saw the sign that read,” November 25th, live here in Auckland New Zealand, “Fleetwood Mac", two shows only! Just then, four other people appeared and where looking into the well lit window and talking about the arrangement. Billy noticed that there were two attractive women, and two long haired men. One of the men was very tall, taller than Bender; the other was less than 6ft. In the reflection, Bender could see that the four people standing next to him were in fact Fleetwood Mac, the band. They were very friendly, and told Bender he should come and see them the following night.  Billy turned to walk down the hill; he then stopped and noticed the extraordinary lights that lit up the wharf area of Auckland. He took a long, deep breath, it hit him hard, he was at the very bottom of the Planet, and he was in New Zealand.

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