Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Driving on the other side ( PART 4 )

Billy choose a waterfront restaurant, and had a table with a view, all the boats in the harbor were lit and twinkled with colors that resembled a reflection of a cloudless night sky. Billy dined alone, sipped on a double Beefeater's and tonic, with a twist of lime. While waiting for his meal, he thought about the night before and his encounter with Ann Hunter, she would be hard to forget. Her skin was fair, lightly freckled, and she has sharp features in her face that Billy adores. Her body was lean, but well muscled, her green eyes radiated like emeralds. Her demeanor is confident, but she draws you in with her smile and ease of talk. Her wavy, full, strawberry blonde hair is never out of place, it gives her a presence of being younger than see actually is, Billy fantasized about seeing it loose and free, possibly on horse back, or walking down a beach on a windless day.
He thought in the morning he would purchase a book about the Trout fishing of New Zealand, and plans his trip south, towards Christchurch, based on where the best fishing would be found.
Bender was an excellent Fly Fisherman, he grew up fishing on his home waters, The Sun River, that flowed from the heart of the Rocky Mountains, then meandered down through the rich Ranch / Farm lands and ended, joining the Big Missouri River at Great Falls.

                                  (The lower Sun River)
The Sun River does not have a huge populations of trout like many other trout streams in Montana. The trout that survive on the Sun, grow to large sizes, much like most of the rivers throughout New Zealand. Billy grew up hearing the stories of the trout fishing in New Zealand, the stalking and casting to individual fish, the need for a precise, pin point cast, to present the fly in a manner not to spook the large trout in "gin clear" water. This is how Bender was raised fishing, on the lower Sun River on his families Farm. The difference seem to be in regards to the size of the trout, In Montana, a good sized trout was anything from 17 inches to a really nice sized one of 22-23 inches. Billy had read and seen the photos of trout in New Zealand, the difference being that in this country, a good trout was from 22 inches to 27-28 inches, a really large trout could go upwards toward 32-34 inches, fly caught in rivers.
Billy cut into the Lobster tail, in which here, they called them Crayfish. It was just caught that day, the freshest he had ever experienced. It melted in his mouth, the flavors were similar to a large prawn, only sweeter, more succulent, maybe one of the finest creatures he had ever tasted. It was accompanied with fresh asparagus, rice pilaf, a 1/2 dozen fresh Bluff oysters. Billy was also enjoying a 1/2 bottle of a local Riesling, the grapes grown on the northern part of the south Island in the Marlborough area, that was fast  becoming internationally known for their wines. The meal and vista were both exceptional, Billy was completely satisfied on both levels, the only aspect lacking, was the company of a gorgeous female. Bender was at this point feeling no pain, he thought it maybe a good plan to see some local color, and stop in and visit a pub for a night cap on his walk back to the hotel.

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