Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Driving on the other side ( PART 6 )

Billy awoke to a pounding in his head that he thought possibly could be a monkey banging a bell with a large hammer. As he lay in bed, he thought what type of person would train a monkey for such a wicked deed. He tried to open his eyes, but he was sure they were bleeding, quickly putting his hands to rub his eyes, no blood, thank god. Billy's mouth was powder dry; he couldn't even muster a spec of saliva, Billy thought, why am I being tortured, who put the spot light in my face? Who is doing this to me? Bender had so many questions, where am I? With all of his might, Billy very slowly began to raise his eyelids, when he heard a harsh females voice say, “shut the draaapes ". Billy sat up, only to see an Auburn colored mop, randomly situated on a large white pillow. The voice triggered Benders memory, the sequence of events that transpired the night before were becoming somewhat clearer, as Billy's mind began to race.
Again, the mop spoke, "Mate, Shut the drapes already, I can't sleep! Chriiiiist!” This bolted Billy out of bed and toward the "spot light", which turned out to be the late morning Sun shinning through a enormous window that looked out right above the blue- green colored Auckland Bay. It was stunning, the black , Lava like rough rocks , and the clarity of the Aqua colored water, slithering rhythmically upon the small light brown colored beach below the house. Billy stood transfixed with the absolute beauty that stood before him, for the "Mop" was by his side with the drapes in hand. She was not what one would say dainty, nor petite, but rather Rubenesque. She was a good 5'8, her Auburn colored hair was wild, very full, and wavy, almost one would say "kinky". She stood next to Bender completely naked, the first thing a male would notice about her was the  size of her enormous, full, round , firm breast , that stood out as if they were at a full military salute. Her skin was just a shade above being considered Milk colored, and she was covered head to toe in random, reddish - brown colored, adorable freckles.
" Good morning “some how come from the mouth of the sexually charged Bender.” Billy, are you going to just bloody stand there and look out of the bloody window, or are you going to shut the bloody drapes so I can SLEEP, “exclaimed the mop.” Sorry Babe, I was just stunned by the view, what a spot ", said Bender.” Babe"? " No, it's Angie, remember"? "Oh christ, I just want to sleeeeep", and with that Angie does a belly flop on top of the bed, with Bender not far behind. "Billy, no, no, noooo, you got plenty last night, why do you think I want to sleep, we went at it for hours last night, I'm knackered" Angie pleaded. "There's nothing to eat, and I'm out of coffee, you'll have to walk down to the store and get us something for breakfast, the store is just down the hill and two block's at the first right."Angie was insistent.
Billy found the shower and somewhat came back to life, he dressed and headed out the door in search of nourishment and refreshments. As Bender started his journey downhill, he was struck with two different observations, 1) how all the large, antique houses in this neighborhood were built lavishly from wood. 2) how there was not one view from the street, due to extremely tall wood fences, blocking any indication that one was so close in fact, to the beautiful blue -green colored Auckland Bay. Billy was pondering this dilemma, when he noticed something moving behind him, in a flash Billy felt the canines breaking through skin and into the muscle of his right calve. It was a German Shepard, and it was locked onto Benders leg, growling and moving back and forth like a large flag in the wind. Billy quickly punched the growling dog in the head so hard it not only released but went "flat out", making a horrendous death like noise. But, the canine rolled over and lunged again at Bender, this time going for the throat, Billy caught the dog in mid-air, just below its ears on the thick scruffy part of its own throat. Benders adrenaline was full on, it was a life or death situation, this had taken place out of the blue and within seconds. The attack dog had chosen the wrong opponent, Bender had the dog pinned down against the coolness of the grey cement sidewalk, the dog’s front and back legs kicking in a feverishly rapid pace to no avail. Bender was too strong, he choked and over powered the canine into submission.  Now what, thought Billy, what do I do with this dog, Billy looked up to see one of the very tall wood fences, he instinctively grabbed the snapping canine in one quick motion, and threw it over the fence. Bender could hear the bewilderment of the neighbors voice, in asking his wife, how in the hell did this dog end up in his yard.
Billy purchased some pastries, coffee, some sliced white cheese, and homemade bread, and found his way back to the house to the awaiting naked, and willing Angie. “Sorry "Bender said,” not now, I've have to clean out this wound, I was attacked by a German Shepard on the way to the store". Angie was quickly up, she came out of the bathroom with her hair flying, Hydrogen Peroxide in hand, her bath rope open exposing all, she was not shy.

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  1. Did I really just read through all of this? Great blog!