Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Driving on the other side ( PART 7 )

Billy and Angie were sitting out drinking coffee on the back veranda that over looked the stunning Auckland Bay, talking and taking in some sun. It was late morning, Bender was "licking" his wounds, so to speak, neither wore much in the regards to clothing. Bender was in his plaid boxer shorts , Angie wore a short, white satin bathrobe, that was speckled with red , black, and yellow Chinese symbols, loosely tied at the waist covering mainly her back, her enormous clevage was completely exposed.
Angie was curious what Billy was doing in New Zealand this time of the year, since most of the tourist came after Christmas. Billy took a sip of coffee, sat back in the long lounge chair, his eyes were closed, his head tilted back, taking in the warm Southern Hemispheric sun and said, “Things were going to hell at work, the world economy is on thin ice, I think I told you I work for an investment company? Well, the company I work for is a home grown Montana company. It was started right in Great Falls; the owners still live right in town. Anyway, I'm the youngest of the top executives at our main office in Great Falls. There is the owner, then the CEO, the President, and I am one of four vice presidents. One of my responsibilities is the security of our websites and transactions that take place for our customers in the US on-line. We have offices in 17 states, we have over 184 offices nation wide. In the first week in November, three weeks ago, we were "hacked", we had a security breach that compromised 7 of our biggest clients. The Feds stepped in and fined us, "big money", and told us that we were not up to standards, and that all clients’ information needed to be "encrypted," they gave us four months to get our security up to standards, or, there would be more fines."  Angie said "Oh my god,so they canned you?" She asked,”Well, the executive committee recommended that I take some time off so they could evaluate just what transpired".  It just could not have been at a worst time, most of our clients portfolios are down 40% on average, just happened at a very bad time," explained Bender.
On the balcony above the two sun worshipers, came three females voices in unison, "Angie, who's that gorgeous man sitting next to you in his underwear? Bring him up here, we want to have a closer look," the three Bikini clad beauty's were all bent over the balcony, looking down at the Billy and Angie."Is the old lady up yet?" asked Angie, all three nodded their heads at the same time, the young Brunette said, "she want's to see you, and she said to bring your male friend."Angie shouted, “We’ll be up in a minute, and this one is mine, so hands off", as the three laughed, turned and left, the Blonde said over her shoulder walking away, “better keep an eye on him mate!"
Billy was completely complexed, "who are they? And who is the old lady?" Angie sighed and said, "OK, it's time for the Grand Tour", you better put some clothes on with those three around, or, you could get raped".
Angie looked over the top of her, large, white, oval sunglasses, and said, "You have no idea where you are, this is one of the most famous land marks in the entire country mate, Madame McKenzie's Brothel". Bender looked like he just swallowed bumble bee, "you are, a, you work here?" Sputtered Billy, "NO, I don't work here! I just rent my Apartment , the Blonde is a school mate of mine, and she works here, it's a good deal, and some good laughs , so I figured , why not, I work at a bloody Cafe downtown, I'm a waitress," explained Angie. Billy took a huge breath, and smiled, "OK, onward with the tour".
The two took a narrow, wooded, spiral staircase up a flight to enter the main house from Angie’s Apartment. She explains that the house has been in the McKenzie family for over 100 years, and that the Madame took over the business from her father, who started the Brothel on the edge of the city, around the turn of the Century. The house was built from all native light and dark colored hardwoods from New Zealand, every staircase, doorway and pillar were ornately carved and decorated. There were four levels counting the apartments where Angie resided, with a total of twenty bedrooms, and ten baths. Each room was decorated in plush velvet drapes and matching carpets, in Reds, Purples, and dark Greens, depending on the theme of the room. The Reds and Purples were used for clients to obtain Carnal Knowledge; the Green rooms were living quarters, for the cooks, and maids in addition to the "working girls".
As the two entered the private living room that was located on the "other side of the kitchen", a very crusty voice croaked, "Angie girl, came in here, bring your friend". It was midday, but sitting in a large red leather chair in a light blue nightie, with an enormous glass of what appeared to be milk, sat the infamous Madame McKenzie.  At first Billy was repulsed at such a sight; she sat in a large chair in which she took up most of it with a huge girth. The Madame was wrinkled in all parts of her body, her hair dyed Jet Black, the room was saturated with the stench and fog of cigarette smoke. Her skin was a grayish -white, covered in brownish blotches from head to toe. She asked if they would like to join her for breakfast, a "milk and Scotch”, both declined. Madame McKenzie was a grand dame in her day, but the days were coming to an end. She had seen men from all walks of life past through her doors. She had lived a "hard life" so to speak, not very healthy, drinking all night, and sleeping during the daylight, a life of entertaining others.
Madame McKenzie told Billy to be good to Angie; she was a good girl, not like the girls who worked for her. As Billy and Angie were heading back down the spiral staircase to Angie’s Apartment, Billy suddenly had an urge to be on a Trout Stream, wading through cold, clear water in pursuit of a New Zealand Trout. Billy liked cities, but always in small doses, he was ready to hit the road, he wanted to start fishing.

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