Saturday, September 10, 2011

Driving on the other side (Part 18)

Bender was focused as he watched the  #14 size Elk Hair Caddis float perfectly over the the feeding Brown Trout. Billy had no idea of the size of the fish, all he could see was small brown lips breaking through the surface from time to time eating the large moth like bugs as they helplessly floated in the path of the hungry Brown. Bender was fishing with a very long leader, the total length was 17 feet of the clear mono line that was attached to his light green fly line, each cast Bender made, only the leader passed over the trout, the fly line would land a foot or so down stream from his quarry. Billy presented  the large fly perfectly, it landed soft, never spooking the ever feeding trout. There were a good number of the naturals hatching and floating over and near the small brown lips, but only the Caddis that floated directly above the trout were molested. Billy had made very good cast, but the currents would either take his fake to the right of the trout, or, float it to the left, never floating in the direct path of the feeding lane of the Brown trout. Bender made a  perfect cast and kept his rod up high keeping his line tight almost skiddering the large imitation directly over the feeding lane of the trout. The small brown lips attached themselves to Billy's fly, it was too much for the trout to refuse, the fly was right there for the first time. Bender was shocked to see a huge Brown Trout jump two feet straight up in the air  and land on it's side, Billy was wondering at that point if he had made a mistake tying on 5x tippit, he had no idea just how large of a trout he was casting to, the trout tore line off the reel and was heading down stream to a deep slow moving pool. Lucky for Bender, for if the trout went up stream it might have broken the fine tippet on one of many of the large Volkswagon sized boulders. After a short battle, Bender brought the trout near shore and gently placed his hand under the belly of the spectacular specimen. He placed his rod over the top of the resting beast and measured the trout while it was in the water, 29 inches, Billy knew this because the first guide of his fly rod was exactly 30 inches. Bender removed his fly from the corner of he trouts mouth , and he watched the gorgeous golden trout swim off  to rest just three feet away to catch it's breath. Billy sat on a boulder and just watched the trout revive and then swim off into the the dark green pool until he was completely out of sight.
Bender had dreamed since childhood of accomplishing the task he just completed, landing a near 30 inch trout on a dry fly in New Zealand. Billy felt content, he sat streamside on the boulder for a good 20 minutes , reminiscing about his uncle who use to take him out the the Big Mo near Wolf Creek, teaching Billy the importance of presenting a dry fly with pin point accuracy over a feeding trout. Billys uncle use to say, if you can cast up stream to a feeding fish on the Big Mo, and not spook him, you can do it anywhere. All the years of fishing with his uncle had turned Bender into a world class angler.
About the same time Billy was releasing his accomplishment, Kelly and Jane were just starting their trek on the  unbelievably beautiful Able-Tasman trail. The girls donned their backpacks and were pleased to find the trail was around four feet wide of hard packed of white sandstone, completely flat, it was the most friendly hiking trail either woman had ever seen. It was a spectacular morning, a brilliant sunny, warm, windless start of a day that would be etched into their minds forever. Kelly exclaimed,"what a unbelievable place, easy walking, and look at the color of the white sand against the aqua -blue colored bay, unreal!" Jane was in complete agreement, "wow, this is just gorgeous, my goodness, this is a very special place, I'm so glad we decided to do this trek!". The two walked for around two miles until they came upon a small cove of black lava like rocks encompassing a small white beach that was just too inviting to pass up. Both dropped their packs, tore off their clothes and ran down to the aqua -blue water and dove in. The water was cool but not cold, the girls swam, and dove off the rocks, it was a dream spot on a perfect day. Kelly noticed while climbing up on the rocks that on the bottom of the rocks just below the surface were covered with large green and blue mussels, one of the true delicacies that New Zealand is famous. The girls collected a fair bounty and brought the mussels back to the beach and boiled them right there. Kelly had a lemon, some 10 grain bread, and a bottle of white wine in her pack, the two ate like queens, naked on the white sand beach. After eating and drinking to complete fulfillment, the two laid and sunned themselves when Kelly asked Jane about what was going on with her and Billy. Jane sighed  and said, "Kelly, I have been in love with Billy for twenty years, we are not together, there must be reason for it. I know Billy loves me too , but something is missing, maybe he is just not ready to get married, who knows, but we made a deal. The deal is that when we both return to the States, we will see how we both feel. Billy says if I want, I could transfer to Great Falls and work for Century 21. The owner is a friend of Billy's , and he said he would hire me in a New York second. So, we'll see, I'm not sure I'm ready to leave Denver and move to Great Fall Montana. So, we just left it up in the air, Billy is not even sure he will be employed with DA Davidson when he returns, there are alot of unknowns". Kelly looks puzzeled , and ask," so whats with this super model?". Jane takes a deep breath and then says," Billy met Ann Hunter on the flight down here, he says they had a real connection, so, he says, he needs to go and see if there really is a connection, or maybe, it was just two ships passing in the night. He doesn't want to have regrets , so he needs to know, I like the fact that he's being honest". Kelly leans in close to Jane and lightly kisses her on the lips, then says "Janie you are so beautiful, I could just eat you!". Jane replies, "Kelly, your a good friend, but I'm not attracted to women, I think we need to get you laid". They both laugh, and Kelly says , "yea, your probably right".
Billy walked back up the path back to his car, he broke down his rod and then put away the rest of his fishing gear, he then drives south towards Christchurch  in search of  the unknown, is Ann Hunter the one?