Sunday, November 25, 2012

Driving On The Other Side ( Part 23 )

At the Pub, both girls start feeling worn out, Jane tries to block a yawn and Kelly see's this and cannot cover her mouth fast enough, both start laughing and giggling. Finally, Jane says " Kelly, I have got to hit the hay, I don't know about you, but I'm beat". The surfer dudes look anxious, Alex barks out, " girls, it's really early, we can go out dancing later, but the disco doesn't  open for two more hours, com'on, don't split yet". Jane stands and pronounces," I'm going to bed, long day for this gal, I can't wait for my head to hit the pillow. Are you coming with me Kelly, or are you waiting to hit the disco with these two young men?" Kelly grabs her bag that was strapped hanging over the back of her chair, stands, then tucks her wavy red hair behind her ear and announces " Janie, I'm with you girl, let's hit the hay, I am baked, sorry boys , you picked some old ladies"."Ooohhh " came from the mouths of C and Alex, the boys felt like it was their lucky night, but they were wrong, it just was not in the cards.
After sitting alone for sometime on the back veranda watching the Moon rise and the trout feed on top of the placid lake surface, Billy starts to feel his eyelids become heavier and heavier, until he catch's himself snoring on the couch. 'OK, " Bender was thinking that he indeed, needed to go to bed, tomorrow will be a very interesting day, thought Billy.
Bender laid in bed fantasizing about Kate Granger, her smell, her smile, which seemed to turn up just slightly at the corners of her seductive lips. He was thinking how nice it would be to run his hands through her dark red, thick hair from behind and caress and kiss her long elegant neck. Bender was just starting to nod off when he heard his watch and some coins on the night stand start to rumble and move. Then, Billy could feel the bed start to gyrate and shake, at first he thought that someone was trying to awake him, but the whole room started rolling, like being on a small boat on a rough sea. The door to his room opened quickly, with a panicked Kate Granger  holding on to the door knob, " Billy, it's a bloody Earthquake" exclaimed Kate. Bender sat up covering his privates , but his hairy chest fully exposed. Kate was wearing a sheer sleeveless silk nighty cut short and barely covering her lady parts. Billy did not have to wonder what Kate wore to bed any longer, the reality was better than his wildest  imagination. Another big roll from the center of the earth planted  Kate stumbling atop of Bender and into his bed . " Billy , I hate these earthquakes, please hold me, hold me tight". What seemed like an hour of  horror in reality lasted  around 2-1/2 minutes, when the shaking subsided there was a eerie quiet, Kate and Bender laid in bed looking into each others eyes, and then, began to lightly and slowly kiss.
The next morning, Billy and Kate both awoke in each others arms very early. Kate kissed Bender with a short peck on the lips , then got moving quickly toward her own room. The Inn was a huge mess, things had fallen off of shelves, off of tables , there where cabinets that had tobbled over nearly breaking all contents. There were broken bottles of wine in the dinning room, and food all over the kitchen floor. It was just a mess, and now it needed to be dealt with, quicker the better. The staff  got going as soon as they knew Kate was awake, not wanting to disturb her. On the Tele was news about the Great Quake, 7.2 on the Richter scale, a huge earthquake. The anchor on the news was speaking very excited and was saying that  Parts of Christchurch are demolished, that the epicenter was right in Christchurch, and hundreds are hospitalized  and the death toll was close to 22 people, and the count would most likely rise.
Billy walked into the dinning room to find Kate and the staff scurrying about cleaning like small tornado's. "Oh Billy this is such a mess, I'm so sorry, I'll get your breakfast" came from a obvious shaken Kate Granger. Billy blurts out " can I help?" "No, no, please be seated, I'll have your breakfast in just a minute", came from an apologetic Kate Granger." I have bad news, Christchurch was at the epicenter, and the damages are extensive, building have crumbled, houses destroyed, many are in the hospital, and the death toll is 22 and rising, it's a bloody huge disaster" came from Kate.
Billy sat eating breakfast with Kate, when Kate jumped up and blurted, " Jack and Heddy, I'll call them right now, I hope they are alright, they live only 12 kilometers out of Christchurch, my god, what a disaster". In less than five minutes  Kate returned to say that the Hunters were fine, minimal damages, and that they are expecting Billy later that day. They were expecting Billy anytime, that Ann was unfortunately called to Auckland to meet with a photographer who is setting up a shoot in Australia, but she left word that Mr Bender might be coming , and to make sure he is well taken care of. Billy's cell phone rings  and it is Ann Hunter," Billy are you alright? Where are you? I didn't know if you were coming down or not, I have to fly to Australia for a photo shoot, I'm so sorry." Bender, " No worries, I'm fine , there was minimal damage here, I'm staying with Kate Granger, I just decided to spend the night here in the wine country, and it turns out you both know each other",  " Katie, put her on", the two women banter back and forth , there is laughter, giggling, some serious talk, then Billy is returned the phone.  Ann says , "Billy, if you would, please  go and stay at my parents farm, they are expecting you, and they may need an extra hand, there is an outside chance that I may get some time off , and if I do I'll be back home in three days, I'll call you tonight, gotta run, talk later".
Bender  packs the Taurus wagon, then head into the Inn to thank Kate for everything and to square up on the bill. Kate is behind the counter, making sure there is some physical barrier between herself and Bender.  It is awkward for both, there is something between them, but Billy is heading south. "I just want to thank you for everything kate", comes from a stumbling Bender, Kate smiles, Billy adds, " so what are the damages? Oops maybe  the wrong term, how about how much do I owe you", they both smile and Kate says,"nothing your welcome here anytime, if it doesn't work out with Ann, remember, I'm here all alone" Billy leans over the counter and very softly kisses Kate Granger on her luscious lips, then turns and walks to the car . Billy waves, then starts yet another adventure driving south towards the demolished city of Christchurch...

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