Saturday, November 24, 2012

End of the 2012 Fishing Season, Missouri River, Cascade MT

A beautiful September day looking down stream at Mountain Palace.
It is always a sad moment when the drift boat is dismantled and put away for the winter season.This past September we had an exceptionally warm month, interrupted in the first week of October with  near blizzard conditions, changing the complexion of the serene, calm, long hot days of September. The first big storm of the Fall, starts (in my opinion) some of the best Dry Fly fishing found anywhere. The hatches of Midges and Baetis ( Grey and Blue winged olives)  are some of the strongest hatches of Mayflies found on any river in the American West, or any river on the Planet.
Large groups of fish referred to as "pods" gather along the current banks and drop off''s to gorge on the parade of the small dull colored mayflies feeding like "Pacman" in a very constant rythem . This phenomenon  occurs daily, sun or clouds from late morning until late afternoon. For those who are hard core Dry Fly fishermen,  this is a "bucket list" must. This past Fall we were lucky to have wonderful fishing up to the Mid-part of November.
I write this the day after Thanksgiving, there is a bizzard on it's way from the Northern Canadian Tundra. Along with bad news is the good news, Ducks and Geese are flying down this way as I write this, the ammo bag is full, the decoys are bagged and ready, my black lab Pearl is rested, and another season begins!

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